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Salt (Luxus)


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DeKremp thumbnail
This is one of those albums that I became addicted to for months. you know its genius when you listen to each song over and over again trying to pick "favorite track" and can't ever rule any of them out for not being a contender. I heard these guys already dissolved as a band and if thats true, thats pretty sad, because metal needed this injection of new sound desperately, and it just puts an exclamation point on how singularly perfect this album is. Favorite track: Seasons Of Salt.
alec thumbnail
alec One of the most impressive debuts I've heard in a while. The production in particular is excellent, great sound! Favorite track: Water Rights.
SirMeatwad thumbnail
SirMeatwad My #1 album of 2018
Watch my video if you need further convincing to buy it!
Favorite track: Seasons Of Salt.
Hitwood - Antonio
Hitwood - Antonio thumbnail
Hitwood - Antonio Until now I don’t know what expect from them but I crearly hear one more time the magic way them played instruments in agalloch, I hear the same athmosphere that make me appreciate agalloch...a thing that I haven’t experienced with Pillorian. I hope that in some track would be some growl or scream because for now is the only thing I miss. Really prog-ish track, I heard also elements from bands like Pelican and solstafir, super powerful drums, massive bass as the last agalloch album and “ in your face” guitars. Really curious to hear the final result Favorite track: Ossify.
Modern classic, words fail to accurately describe this masterpiece. WOW! Favorite track: Wave State.
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Edeste 07:18
A ravenous population simultaneously dislocating their own jaws with hopes of swallowing larger prey than they have ever swallowed before When an entire populous is simultaneously stretching their guts with hopes of holding more and more contents any last notion of sustainability is buried beneath millions of misconceptions about human needs Nature is convinced it's time for a sixth extinction event before man has the chance to gnaw her to the bone Eat or be eaten Lay down and let her devour you Flood and flame and hurricanes Clearing her slate again Rain and plagues and earthquakes Going to great pains to recreate The Great Dying The Permian / Triassic event
The damage is done We consumed it all We cave to the sun and the seasons of salt When the meat has nothing left to eat and self reflects existentially church and state scour the skies for ways to explain exactly why they now fill their guts on the flesh of their constituents Now the most valuable mineral is sodium chloride Should we salt ourselves? A new food chain defined by class and race and breeding stock by those who best can spin stories of disappointed gods History has shown man will gnaw the bones of friends in the end The damage is done We consumed it all We cave to the sun and the seasons of salt The rain may fall in the years to come and wash the bodies of who succumbed to our greatest weakness a need for sustenance We'll go to ground Hide from the light and desperate neighbors eager to bite Clouds pregnant with gray nourishment disembowel themselves far too late for us to grow any grains Something will grow in our place Once the salt is washed away the rain will reclaim We caved to the sun and the seasons of salt The rain may fall
Water Rights 06:03
Scrap away the earth Claim debris as your own Assign a monetary worth Sell back the streams Sell back the stones that had been under their feet all along Historic treaties so easily defeated by way of imminent domain Profit has no sense of right or wrong They know of your snake that burrows just beneath their lake Afraid its steel skin can crack turning their water black with its venom, and lack of regulation Water and oil, salt and soil Commandeer and distribute Native lands diminish returns Trample those who dare dispute Slowing your charge with their songs The chants get louder The banners grow taller A shanty camp becomes a nation Shareholders and bulldozers declare what is and isn't sacred When word comes down the pipe from the biggest suit of all to pillage their water rights as the snow falls Disregard their thirst Water and oil, salt and soil Commandeer and distribute Native lands diminish returns Trample those who dare dispute Defending the sacred with their songs It's only business It's only business you will say When home, health, and history are shoveled away Gain wealth at any cost Letting no rock stand in your way
Glacial Gold 08:30
I stood helplessly by as a mountain of ice slowly crawled over my stick-built life Those years, much of me died Sifted through debris and load-bearing lies that formed the scars several canyons wide Those years, much of me died and was left behind for anyone to find there in the ice I found more than gravel in these wounds A glacial pace erodes the weight of prior mistakes Grinding fate into gold exposed shorn from newborn bluffs When all I knew had been carved through a twisted topography births perspectives anew Duality and despair usually found in pairs Geologic pain evokes the same memories I found more than gravel in these wounds Those years, much of me died and was left behind for anyone to find there in the ice Glaciation followed by glimmering truths When more ice comes aground and streams trail behind frozen, but still alive Dare I be so lucky to find gold exposed behind them all? Gold in every tragedy that makes landfall
Augustus 01:50
From the moment we knew that you were here this family of three became four We imagined who you’d be Your mother cheered at the screen when she saw your heartbeat ever so faintly She hugged the nurse If only we could have known you just a little while longer we would have sang to you We would have named you something beautiful meaningful powerful
Wave State 10:45
I'll sit at your side far above the tidal lines and patiently wait while you learn to count each growing wave Warming small hands in mine We watch the land divide Witness monuments to man's ignorance slip beneath the brine This high tide in front of us will never stop Climbing street by street and brick by block I'll try my best to explain how we are the mites We are the mange to be cleansed and washed away Crops and culture Civility and song Golden nation-state battered by the waves Swallowed and gone I warned them not to doubt that we all could still drown during this drought When there’s no high ground left we will take to the waves I know them well Warm currents lead the way Planned a lifetime for this day I'll sit at your side and watch shoals swim underneath leading us to reefs time forgot
Ossify 11:31
Cruelty of competition The catastrophe of capitalism Egos and spite None of it calcifies Offering no advice to those who follow They will have to surmise It's hard to fossilize that which has no spine All the while the rest of us composed of bone can leave no record in stone if we're ground to dust In a world the color of rust whatever follows us will have to theorize all the different ways we may have died How disappointed they'll be when unearthing the truth They will dig through our plastic cocoons They will have to theorize how we died
Shard 04:44


Rising from the ashes of Agalloch and Giant Squid, a new group is born: Khôrada. Featuring former Agalloch members Don Anderson (guitar), Jason Walton (bass) and Aesop Dekker (drums) alongside former Giant Squid guitarist / vocalist Aaron John Gregory, KHôRADA creates colossal, textured, and emotionally powerful music.

As a completely fresh concept, Khôrada is an opportunity for the musicians to explore new soundscapes while challenging themselves creatively. With their debut album "Salt", KHôRADA forges breathtaking swathes of sound that swell, stretch, submerge and recede with panoramic power.

At once atmospheric, aggressive and apocalyptic, the album's emotion is driven by the band members' view of today's world; these are precarious times. "Salt" was written under the pressure and uncertainty of the beginning of the Trump-era, standing as a musical exploration of the routine madness we now live. Paired with the surreally visceral artwork by internationally renowned painter & sculptor Cedric Wentworth, the visual explorations prove to be as haunting as the ethereal vocals of Aaron himself.

The dissolution of two of America's most beloved underground groups has resulted in the formation of perhaps the scene's most highly anticipated new band. With a sound built upon a resolute sense of purpose, KHôRADA has arrived.

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released July 20, 2018

Aaron John Gregory - vocals, guitars, lyrics
Don Anderson - guitars
Jason Walton - bass
Aesop Dekker - drums

Engineered, mixed, and produced by Billy Anderson.
Mastered by Justin Weis.

Album artwork by Cedric Wentworth.


all rights reserved



KHôRADA Portland, Oregon

From the dissolution of the ground breaking underground metal bands, Agalloch and Giant Squid, a new group is born - KHôRADA - featuring former Agalloch members Don Anderson (guitar), Jason Walton (bass) and Aesop Dekker (drums) alongside former Giant Squid guitarist/ vocalist Aaron John Gregory. As with their previous bands, KHôRADA manages to create crushing, expansive, wholly original music. ... more

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